Wire Harness
Wire Harness
Wire Harness

We are very precise in manufacturing electrical wire harnesses. Our vast experince with wiring connections enables us to develop and produce the best high quality and cost efficient product to fit with the customer application.

Wire harness for household appliances (Cookers, Refrigerators, Washing machines,Water heaters, Dish washers,Deep freezer..etc) with the ability of processing different types and sizes of wires, solder and crimp type terminals and pins,and IDC along with various electrical components specified by the client.

Our fully automatic crimping stations allow us to produce individual wire harness assemblies and high volume wire harness assembly successfully with our zero defect policy.

Every wire harness produced is tested for real life perofrmance and all of workmanship is done according to IPC-A-610 standards

  • Wiring harness fabrication and manufacturing.
  • Harness development service is available.
  • wiring harness for all appliances.
  • Silicone wire harness for gascookes and high temperature applications.
  • Environmentaly engineered. 
  • Solder and crimp type terminals.
  • IDC.
  • In-House produced silicone cables.
  • All wires are tested for IEC 60227, IEC 60245 and IEC 60228 standards.
  • Terminals and crimping are tested for IEC 60335 standard.
  • Every wire harness is tested on a simulator to ensure its safety and performance.
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